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Womens Activist Retreat Celebrates Young Visionary

ATLANTA– From Earth Summits to Leadership Retreats, Euneika Rogers, Founding Director of the Atlanta based non-profit organization Refashion Network, is being celebrated as one of the country’s leading young activists.

THE USA WOMENS JAM, is taking place July 24-31 at the Quaker Center in Santa Cruz. Created by youth activist Ocean Robbins and the YES WORLD organization, the week-long event connects, supports and inspires 25 committed young women leaders under age 30 from nearly 20 nations -- whose lives are dedicated to building a thriving, just and sustainable world for all. Participation is by nomination only.

When Refashion Network became the first national strategic effort of any organization to provide a blueprint for sustainability (ecologically sound and socially just production) in the World of Fashion in 1998, Euneika instantly achieved recognition alongside social activists and environmental leaders throughout the country by way of the organization’s visionary mission. Now developing programs and managing budgets, Euneika is Executive Director, balancing her love of Fashion and the environment with grass roots organizing.

Over the past 12 years Rogers has dedicated her life to improving the Fashion Industry’s contribution to environmental degredation. Although she boasts a different kind of activism that is merged with her artistic talents, her energies are also committed as a leader, fundraiser, negotiator, advisor, and speaker. In 2001, she was the first African American Youth Activist to speak at the Bioneers Conference where she shared credits with Julia Butterfly Hill and Adam Werbach (Sierra Club).

THE USA WOMENS JAM will include discussion circles, networking, and conversations with remarkable mentors including Angela Davis, Delores Huerta, and renowned author Alice Walker. Rogers will celebrate with participants the struggles and sacrifices of women who have worked for women’s liberation, and explore how to continue their legacy and struggle through her own personal work.

“I feel the womens jam helps us embrace our different approaches to social change by exploring what we are doing and thinking in our respective communities,” says Rogers, “The womens jam celebrates young women who are committed to working powerfully within their own arenas, but who also have a clear understanding and connection to the global context in which we live.”

Euneika’s social-change flag may be tracked back to her international studies, at a Liberal Arts College in London, England. As a fashion student she followed her heart to join a group of Fashion Revolutionaries called No Logo (Oxfam), creating a counter-culture movement that flew in the face of her southern grandmother’s wisdom and advice.

In addition to educating as a public speaker, Euneika is working on a global quilt project and awareness campaign, informing consumers about clothing production and unsustainable consumption patterns. Euneika will include the quilt project in the retreat as a tribute to solidarity between leading actors who have dedicated their lives to social change and improving their communities.

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